A project that leverages technology and community altruism to help alleviate poverty through micro-donations and social awareness.


Our Goal


Alleviating poverty through social awareness, goal-based fundraising and automation.

Why the Dāna Project?

Altruistic Torontonians have no convenient means to make frequent donations to charitable community resources. Most local charities lack access to vital technology that allows them to easily collect money or raise awareness of their cause. Most information systems don't list every community resource, and information is often out-of-date or missing entirely.

What is the Dāna Project?

A social innovation mobile application that leverages the ubiquity of mobile devices to raise awareness and generate donations for community fundraising goals set by charities.

How does the Dāna Project do this?

By exploring neighbourhoods, donors can discover and contribute to every community's fundraising goals. Donations can be made to a specific area so that funds are equally split between all charity-based projects within a donor’s designated radius.

How much does the Dāna Project cost?

Dāna Project eliminates significant costs through automation. The application is free to use for donors and beneficiaries.

Don’t similar donation tools already exist?

Yes they do, but many either come at a prohibitive cost, are not restricted to charities or are simply dated in the way they collect payment. Dāna Project seeks to be a strong compliment to existing large-scale fundraising platforms in a bid to modernize and mobilize the experience.


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