Our Vision

Address the widening gap between technology and the not-for-profit sector by leveraging the benefits of open-source, low-cost, digital tools and community-driven processes.


Our Mission

Achieve our vision by solving problems within our community through collaboratively-sourced technological solutions. 


Our Values

By-community, for-community

The Dana Project application serves as our first proof-of-concept approach by which the community is both the driver and benefactor of its development. Whether it’s our team of dedicated volunteers gaining valuable experience, the donors using the application or the charities on our platform, value is delivered to every participant.

Transparency and awareness

Developing the application in a transparent manner with community involvement allows us to better demonstrate the end-to-end traceability of donations. When coupled with goal-based fundraising, aligned by area or cause, our users are completely aware of the impact and use of their donation.

Technological innovation

Bleeding-edge tools and technologies are not exclusive to the technology sector. Innovative approaches in solving social issues and improving our communities requires the creative application and use of automation, big-data analytics, machine learning, mobile computing and so much more. We strive to deliver high-value at a low-cost with the development of the Dana Project application.


Our Timeline

December 2018 - A beta-release of our application for our community partners and users to test.

February 2019 -1.0 release of the application on Google Play and the App Store.

Soon after - Expand our application to cities across Canada and internationally.

The future - Expand our community donation model from the local to the global context, where users can direct their funds towards humanitarian organizations aiding in larges crises.